Safety advice when moving into a new house

You’ll be giddy with excitement when you move into your new home so there’s a good chance practical safety advice will be the last thing on your mind. However, please spare a moment to perform a few safety checks before you get settled in your new home, we’d hate this new adventure to end in tears.

Check door locks – Go around the property making sure each external door has safe and secure locks. Try deadlocks and door bolts, make sure they operate with efficiency and perform as you would expect. If you can afford it, think about replacing the old door locks with new security features, not only will it improve the security of the property you simply don’t know who has a spare key to your new home.

Check window locks – If the house has window locks fitted test them to see if they work okay. Make a note of any locks that are faulty and get them fixed right away to strengthen weak spots around the property.

Test the burglar alarm – Set the alarm and test it. Hopefully, the previous owners of the house will have left you instructions on how to do this, get used to set the alarm and if you can change the code, now’s the time to do it.

Test smoke alarms – Does the property have smoke alarms fitted? If so try each one, in turn, to make sure it is working, there should be a test button that’s easy to spot. If the alarm isn’t working it might require new batteries if there are no smoke detectors in the property buy some and fit them straight away.

Check security lighting – Take a walk around the perimeter of the house testing the outside lighting as you go. Does everything work okay? If not, check the bulbs in the lamps, they might have to be replaced.