Looking to move into a new home? Whether it’s Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, or Pretoria. Whatever the reason, hiring furniture movers such as Primrose Transport can be the way to go!

A Moving Company You Can Trust

Primrose Transport has almost 90 years of experience in home and furniture removals across South Africa and internationally. We pride ourselves on providing personalised and secure services for the satisfaction of our residential clients. At Primrose Transport we offer:

  • Secure packing
  • Safe storage
  • Quick and efficient moving services
  • Help at support at your new and old residences
  • Protected transport for your possessions

Let Primrose Transport take the stress of moving away for good. Our reliable service coupled with a highly trained staff can help you move into your new abode in the best possible way.

Benefits Of Home Removal Services

We will guide you every step of the way – from the initial quotation to a site visit and the final move.

At Primrose Transport, we give you high-quality, reliable services at the most reasonable rates. And did you know, it is more cost-effective to hire a furniture and home removal service than doing it yourself?

We have years of experience in packing and transport, along with using only top-class packaging materials including double-walled cartons, mattress covers and so much more.

We all know how time-consuming moving can be with the hours it takes for packing, sealing, and moving. But with a furniture and home removal company such as Primrose Transport, you can focus on your family while we complete the moving process in no time.

If you invite friends and family to help you pack and move, chances are there may be little accidents that damage your furniture or other items. At Primrose Transport, we have the most trusted crew of reliable workers who have years of experience in this type of move.

With all the heavy lifting, moving can cause injuries such as muscle pulls or cramps. And being injured is the last thing you need during a move. Primrose Transport has well-trained movers who are adept at proper lifting techniques who will move homes for you in a jiffy.

During a move, accidents can happen. But if you have hired a furniture and home removal company, you can enjoy product insurance just in case there is any damage.

For a quote on high-quality home and furniture removals, give Primrose Transport a call today.