Primrose Transport is an expert moving service that operates in major South African cities such as Johannesburg, Duban, Pretoria, and Cape Town. Our range of services include:

Office Moves

Office moves can be of different types – moving floors, areas, cities or even countries. These moves can be overwhelming due to the sheer quantity of items as well as their monetary value. Offices have expensive equipment such as computers, laptops, electronic screens and these must be transported with the utmost care that Primrose Transport prides itself on.

Primrose Transport has provided moving and relocation services to hundreds of South African businesses ranging from small start-ups to large corporations.

Home Removals

Primrose Transport’s home removal division is adept at helping its clients move homes across the street, city, or country. We value your possessions and transport them securely, ensuring they arrive in your new home just the way they were before the move.

Staff Relocations

As a business owner, expansions and staff relocations may be a common occurrence. Primrose Transport can work with your employees to guide them through the process of relocation so they can focus on other logistics and their families. 

Make Primrose Transport your staff relocations partner today!

Retirement Relocations

Moving at any age is an overwhelming process. But if you are a senior, the stress can be compounded greatly. Moving involves packing, heavy lifting, and many physical tasks that may be difficult for the elderly to tackle. Instead, partner with Primrose Transport that can take the headache out of moving. Remember, you have worked your whole life, now is the time for you to sit back and relax.

Moving and Packing Supplies

For those who want to undertake the move themselves, let us help you with moving and packing supplies to make the process a little easier. Primrose Transport can provide a range of packing and moving supplies including wrapping, cartons, boxes, and the like. These high-quality packing materials ensure your cargo is safe and secure during the move.

Safe Storage

If you are looking for storage space for your cargo, look no further. Primrose Transport offers palletised storage at our storage warehouses in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town. You can choose to store your items for the short term (3 months and below) or the long term (6 months and offer). And what’s even better, we offer competitive prices so you do not have to break the bank!