Moving Company In Illovo

Primrose Transport is here for all your moving needs in Illovo. Our moving company comprises a team of trained experts with years of experience in helping businesses, clients, and staff with relocation. We offer competitive prices when it comes to packing, removals, office relocations, home relocations, and long-distance furniture removal services. It doesn’t matter if you are moving from across town or outside Gauteng – we can help you to move your belongings quickly and safely.

Company moves in Illovo

Illovo is a popular destination for companies and professionals as it is located close to Sandton and Johannesburg business centres. Illovo Business Centre has some of the best businesses in the area. Moving your company to Illovo is indeed a good choice for your business success.

Primrose Transport operates as a corporate moving company and office furniture removals company in Illovo. We provide a removal service for all your office belongings and items, including office furniture, computers, telephones, files, and other essential office items. We take care of everything for you so that you can avoid the lengthy downtime associated with moving.

Employee relocation in Illovo

Is moving offices causing unnecessary stress for your staff? Illovo has affordable apartments and many attractions such as Wanderers Stadium and James and Ethel Grey Park. Moving staff to the area should bring them excitement and not stress. Some staff may need your help to relocate to Illovo. Here is where our moving services come in.

Our professional team of local movers can ensure your staff’s residential move goes smoothly so that they can be ready for work in their new location. Primrose Transport can offer a stress-free experience for you and your staff by helping them to pack up and safely move their belongings to Illovo.

Affordable storage solutions in Illovo

Primrose Transport is more than an excellent local removal company, we also provide affordable storage for all your office and household items. If your belongings are taking up too much space in your new Illovo home or office, you can use our storage facilities for a hassle-free moving experience. Choose from our short-term or long-term storage periods and access your items when you need them.


Full value insurance is taken out during a move to ensure that you receive coverage for all of your moving needs.

When you book a free removal quote with us, we try to keep our estimate accurate, however, some moving costs can change with changing circumstances (such as fuel costs). Rest assured, you will still receive one of the most affordable moving experiences in Illovo.

Try to pack up your belongings beforehand – we recommend sorting through your items a few months before your move. Pack an overnight bag, especially if you are moving a long distance so you can access items such as spare clothes, bandages, and sunscreen quickly. We also recommend that you ask your staff or family to pack up any personal belongings or confidential items that they won’t feel comfortable with moving.

Primrose Transport is a moving company in Illovo you can rely on – book our services today!

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