Moving Company In Germiston

Germiston is a large, yet peaceful area in Gauteng. If you are looking for a moving company in Germiston, Primrose Transport is a world-class removal company and furniture removal service. 

We provide relocation services in Germiston that consist of residential and office relocations. In addition to these professional relocation services, we have a range of secure storage units and affordable moving and packing supplies. 

Take a look at our service range below to find what service works best for your move.

Employee Relocation In Germiston

Germiston is home to some of the biggest industry players including engineering companies, and heavy and light industries. If your company is moving or expanding to the city, you are probably going to be busy. Don’t let downtime affect your business – Primrose Transport can get you and your staff settled into your new office and home in Germiston quickly and hassle-free.

Coordinate your office move with our short distance or long distance furniture removals service to get your items there safely so you can get back to work.

Retirement Moving In Germiston

Germiston has plenty of infrastructures, spacious greenery, and recreational activities available for retirees and senior citizens seeking a peaceful retirement. Hiring a moving company can help you to reduce the stress on yourself (and your back).

Our relocation services can help you to start your retirement off peacefully. We take care of all of your moving, packing, and transportation for you for a smooth move.

Secure Storage In Germiston

Although Germiston has beautiful apartments and property, some homes can be quite small especially if you are a younger professional just starting out in your career. If you have extra items (or unwanted items), storage solutions are a great alternative to downsizing.

Primrose Transport can not only help you get settled in the city but also store away your items in our secure storage facilities until you are ready to access these items.

Moving and Packing Supplies In Germiston

We understand that Johannesburg can be a costly place to live in and move to – you may choose to move on your own. If this occurs, we offer a range of affordable moving and packing supplies that you can use for your move.

Selection Cartage offers professional packing materials and supplies and we can deliver everything from boxes to wrapping to your doorstep for your delivery. Speak to our team for more info on the packing supplies we stock.


Your moving date should be given to movers at least a few weeks in advance so you and the moving company can have adequate time to prepare. Try to choose a date when the weather is likely to be good and traffic is likely to be quiet.

It is the settlement between the mover and the individual that needs the moving service. The agreement states that you will pay for all the moving services you receive and also serves as a guarantee that you will receive these services.

No. A professional has the expertise to properly pack your belongings for safe transit. If you choose to pack your items on your own, you risk damage to your items.

Call our team of professionals if you need a moving company in Germiston!

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