Moving Company In East London

East London is a beautiful area to move to or work in. As a moving company in East London, Primrose Transport has been successfully moving clients for the past 90 years. We have the experience, skills, expert team, and competitive prices for all of your relocation needs. Whether you need long-distance removals in East London or local movers to help you move to the office on another floor, we will provide hassle-free moves.

Company Moves In East London

Moving your entire office? You can rely on our professional service and high-qualified crew to provide you with a stress-free experience when moving your office and team. Our professional team provides expert corporate relocation services and comprehensive furniture removals in East London. We plan your move ahead of time with you to ensure that we meet your deadlines and that your team can get back to work quickly.

Employee Relocation In East London

Moving is stressful on employees too. Primrose Transport aims to make relocation easy and quick for everyone. We offer employee relocation services to help your staff to get settled in with ease. Our employee relocation includes helping your staff to get packed and moving their belongings into their new Bloemfontein office, as well their new home if relocation to Bloemfontein is required.

Home Relocation In East London

Is it time for a residential move? Primrose Transport can help with home relocations and furniture removal services. Whether you are moving to a new apartment, home, home for the elderly, or college building, we can help you to pack, store and transport your personal belongings carefully and safely. We also offer long-distance furniture removal services so that you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself or the fuel required for lengthy moves to the city.

Affordable Storage Solutions In East London

Do you need storage units in East London? We provide safe and palletised storage facilities in East London. You can store away your belongings that won’t fit into your new home or unwanted items that you didn’t have time to donate yet. Our spacious facilities can even be used to store away old equipment or office furniture until needed.

We take pride in helping you, your staff, and your family with stressful relocation and storage services.


You can hire a babysitter or get your children involved in the move by letting them collect their belongings for the movers. If you have a backyard, children can play there while movers do their job in their home. You can also take a walk with them around the neighbourhood if it is safe to do so.

Pets should be kept in a well-ventilated room with water and food during a move. Even if your pet is friendly with strangers, it can be dangerous for them to be around when movers are working so it’s best to keep them away from the working area. Try to keep them at a friend’s place or with your neighbour while movers do their job.

You are under no obligation to provide food and drink for movers. You can politely offer or provide food and water if you wish to be courteous.

If you are looking for the best moving company in East London, contact Primrose Transport today!

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