Moving Company In Bloemfontein

Primrose Transport offers complete removal and storage services at affordable prices. Our moving company in Bloemfontein provides expert moving services, furniture removals, household removals, and office removals to homes and offices around the city. Save yourself and your family the unnecessary stress that comes with heavy lifting and hauling by getting in touch with our team of professional movers.

Staff Relocation In Bloemfontein

Primrose Transport has a skilled workforce dedicated to relocating your skilled team. We coordinate the move with your staff to ensure that everyone involved is happy before and during the moving process. Our staff relocation includes moving staff into their new office location and their new home in Bloemfontein. Whether it is an office move around Bloemfontein or a long-distance move out of the city, we will ensure that your office staff is settled in and ready to work at their new location.

Office Moves In Bloemfontein

Corporate relocation in Bloemfontein is our specialty. We understand that deadlines need to be made and this is why we have a specialist corporate removal division to enable efficient and quick office moves. We can pack all of your office items, such as office equipment, furniture, documents, and staff items. Our trained professionals have the skills (and a fleet of moving trucks) needed to pack up your entire office and get you back to business without being affected by lengthy downtime.

Home Removals In Bloemfontein

Are you moving to a new home in Bloemfontein? Let our movers do the heavy lifting for you! Our relocation services include professional packing, furniture removal service, and storage of your personal belongings so you can focus on moving your family safely to your new home. No need to stress about those fragile antiques or priceless mementos – we have the packing materials needed to carefully pack and arrange your items as if they were our own.

Safe Storage In Bloemfontein

Primrose Transport has world-class storage facilities for Bloemfontein residents. If you require storage spaces for your personal belongings or office items, we can store everything from homeware to equipment in our safe palletised storage facilities for an affordable price.

Primrose Transport takes care of your personal and office items as if it was our own!


A moving company usually charges per hour and includes fees that are used during the move such as transportation and packing materials. Primrose Transport offers a free quote and affordable moving services so that you can budget around the move ahead of time.

You don’t need to be home when movers are packing although you should be so that you can let movers know of any special requests you have or resolve any issue that may arise. If you cannot be there yourself, try to get a family member or friend to be around when movers arrive. We know that Bloemfontein is not the safest place to be but the professionals at Primrose Transport are efficient and trustworthy, and as a registered company, you are guaranteed the safety of your belongings.

Yes, you can receive a free estimate and quote from applying for a free quote on our website.

Reach out to our team for an expert moving company in Bloemfontein!

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